Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family Vacation!!! Puerto Vallarta

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Way too Busy!!!!

Life has gotten in the way once agian. I posted mostly pictures to play catch up since January.
Happy 8th Birthday Kaelie!!!!

Baptisim Day!!!!! We are so proud of you Kaelie
She wore my baptism dress.

Thanks Grandma and Heidi for driving 11 hours to come to my special day.

Park City Utah Ski Trip

Temple Square

All the kids picked up snow boarding really well

Marlin the dare devil

Kaelie snow boarded the first day and skiied the 2nd day. She fell done once on ski's

snow boarding was not her favorite

Happy 11th Birthday Marlin!!!!
We had a big party planned at Buffalo Wild Wings and a movie, but the movies were shut down for the weekend. We had to go to Plan B, Mr. Gatti's.

What Kaelie does when her brother's are playing baseball.
Marlin's baseball season with the Dawgs
It's going, going GONE!!!

He is always clowning around. (This was in warm ups, not the game).

Don't get me wrong it was muddy, but Marlin was by far the dirtiest on the team.

KJ's baseball season with the Dawgs

WOW----David and Goliath !!

Monday, February 2, 2009

SUPER BOWL 43!!!!!!!!!

It was Superbowl Sunday. Cardinals VS Steelers. Thanks to Uncle Dane for sending us Jerseys in such a hurry. We had lots of yummy food (Nachos, enchiladas, rice and beans) and good friends (Ladd, Monica, Zach, Zane, Lane, and Austin) to spend the evening with.

I figured out how to work the self timer on the camera.
You know the Russell's dress the part when it comes to a sporting event!!!!
Kj getting ready for the game. Off with the church clothes, on with the jerseys.
Marlin relaxing before the game.
Kaelie was really excited all week long, but got sick Saturday night. She had 102 fever and
a bad cough.
Keith and I sportin' the Cards gear.

Keith and Ladd Byars (coaching buddy), so intense watching the bad officiated game.
I think Kaelie's Tylenol kicked in about now.

I thought Keith was the only crazy person that screams at the TV during football, but I was wrong. I was in a room full of CRAZY'S!!!!!!
Like father like son.
See what I mean. "Loco"


Touchdown !!!
We are WINNING!!!!
Keith said he was just like Fitzgerald in his glory days. Don't you see all the similarities?????
We lost, but what a game. Maybe next year ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bid Farewell to Pres. George W. Bush

What a wonderful day for the kids and I. As others were celebrating a pathetic historical event, we were celebrating an end to the most historic president ever. President George W. Bush came to his home town of Midland for his farewell speech before heading to Dallas. It was such a memory maker for me and my kids. The things he has accomplished and the decisions he made as President will forever impact us. My kids and their kids will forever remember him and as they study him in history classes from here on out and will remember being there at the end. Thank you President Bush!!!

Ryan Russell, Marlin Russell, Brandon Russell, KJ Russell, (top) Kaelie Russell.
(The other Russell's are friends of mine, no relation)
Michelle Russell and ME!!!

The Future Ms. Republican

The boys listening to his farewell speech.

The beauty of a great zoom lens. Let's you be on the front row.

A little love look to Laura Bush as he told her " I can't wait for Laura's home cooked meals, ---sort of".

A little bit of the 30,000 people there celebrating.

In deed, I'm raising little republicans!! Is there any other way then the "Right" way.

Marlin and Brandon
Marlin listing to the Gatlin Brothers.

KJ wishing Carrie Underwood would hurry and preform.
Kaelie just looking pretty!!!

The President's airplane flying by before landing.
Look real close it says "The United States of America".
The swat team and sharp shooters on top of the buildings. This is a 20 story building and I found him.

Maybe he found me???

They're looking for the bad guys.

Lots of extra on hand personal.
Midland and Odessa Firemen.

Secret Service Man. He wouldn't talk to me I asked him to let me see his little watch thing that they talk into. He just said " no mam', I can't do that".

I'm proud to be an AMERICAN.

Texas Rangers were all on their horses. Only in TEXAS. Got to love TEXAS!!!

Where all the going on took place.